Value in price & quality

There are many hundreds of brands of tyres in the world.
But do you know that many of the world’s well-known
brands are made with rubber produced by us?

Our Products

Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) 

In the last few years, annual Thai Rubber production recorded 4%-7% growth. SLR was able to identify the trend early and adjust our production accordingly. Demand for the Southland Group RSS has increased and our market share has stepped up from less than 10% ten years ago to about 20% today from our 5 factories.


Standard Thai Rubber (STR)

In year 2005 STR has surpassed RSS became the largest grade in Thailand .In response, we are going to build more STR factories in the near future other than the six existing factories. We have also laid the groundwork for several more plants in preparation for the increasing demand in the years ahead.


NR Latex Concentrates

We already have 5 latex factories and totally more than 140 Centrifuge processing machines with a production capacity of 14,000 tonnes per month. Besides Hi-Ammonia Latex, we also produce LATZ Latex with TMTD and Zinc Oxide. Indeed, Southland Rubber Co., Ltd Latex is capable of making quick adjustments to these operations in order to effectively capitalize on current market trends. This ability has helped us catapult to the forefront of our industry.